Design and technology

Gratnells Stage features high density mouldings on each leg, providing strong and secure support for the deck bars.  The deck bars lock firmly into the legs, ensuring a tight fit and no noisy rattles, which could interrupt quiet performances.

The powder coated steel deck supports provide rigidity to the whole structure and lock the anti-slip deck panels in place creating a versatile platform with many uses. Our step units consist of equally spaced treads separated by 150mm risers, each in line with statutory requirements. 

The strength of this contemporary design is not limited to the improvements in use and functionality, but includes the benefit of no small components, no need for tools, ease of assembly, convenience in storage, and a wide range of different uses.

Like many of the best design innovations, Gratnells Stage combines simplicity with reliability and clean lines with clever features.

Legs are available in a number of heights

Each kit is supplied with removable birch trims

The supplied steps clip securely to the frame

Extension platforms and raised areas are available

A fabric valance is available

Certifications, standards and safety

Gratnells Stage is manufactured to an original design and meets the following performance criteria:-

  • EU certified to 7.5Kn/m2 (equivalent to 750 kilograms per square metre) – will support a grand piano.
  • Step units are manufactured to the legal height requirement of 150mm.
  • The system comes with a guaranteed service life of five years, entirely maintenance free.
  • No sharp edges or folding parts.
  •  BS6399:1:1996 approved


Assembly guide

See how easily you can construct Gratnells Stage.

Click and download the Gratnells Stage Assembly Guide.

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